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We service the following makes:
Car service
The number of cars in poland has grown considerably in the recent years. Poles import a lot of damaged both new and second-hand cars that have to be repaired. In order for the repairs to be done correctly and for the car to be absolutely safe for the users, efficient and credible evaluation of the technical state and of the repair possibilities is extremely important.
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When doing the repairs, the prevailing number of car garages use the gained knowledge and experience and evaluates the technical state of a damaged car "more or less" with the help of traditional methods.

We have put on quality and modernity purchasing and using high class diagnostic-measuring equipment that allows for efficient diagnosis and service of all car sub-assemblies.
Our garage equipment allows for quick and fully professional repair of all defects. In our work we are using equipment produced by highly reputed polish and foreign companies furnished with all required certificates, permits and with constant technical inspection.

In our garage we use:

I. Jaguar/Land Rover WDS and IDS original diagnostic tools.

II. Hunter diagnostic tools:
- diagnostic station - RX-12-XL-43P hydraulic lift,
- diagnostic tools to dynamic measurement of geometry,
- OBDII - auto enginuity diagnostic computer with extension for jaguar cars.

III. Autorobot – for stretching and repairing car body sheets.


- periodical inspections, running repairs,
- repairs of engine mechanics, gearboxes, power transmission systems, suspension systems,
- extensive diagnostics (OBDII, WDS, IDS),
- after-accident bodywork and lacquer repairs.

Thanks to European Union financing, within the next few months we plan to buy B20 autorobot with calipre electronic measuring device that will allow us not only for very precise evaluation of damages but also – and first of all – for quicker, highest quality repairs.

We recommend original spare parts, both new and second-hand ones, at attractive prices. Following requests of our clients, we install verified, high quality substitutes. Cost of our man-hour is negotiable and very competitive.

Additional services:
» Installation of various electronic devices, as for example:
  - autocontrol - system that monitors and protects cars against theft,
  - car alarms,
  - GPS,
  - navigation systems,
  - car mobile systems,
  - audio-video systems,
» substitute car- there is a possibility of using a substitute car,
» car wash for clients of our garage,
» organization of accommodation  following the wishes and requests of our clients.